Fiberglass Lil Bob Model

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Check Out the Lil Bob Model

Your Social Life Starts Here

There’s always a party waiting to happen with Lil Bob in your backyard. You’ll have hours of fun because he has something for everyone. Let the party begin!

Pool Sizes:

  • 13′ x 27.5′ x 4’6″


1. 4’6″ flat bottom depth is ideal for games, water activities and entertaining.

2. Elongated benches provide hours of socializing and fun with family and friends.

3. Full-length entry steps make for easy entrance and exit from the pool.

4. Non-skid surface on the floor, benches and steps is easy on your feet and your swimsuit.

5. Auto-cover ready to help you keep your new pool safe and clean.

For more pool photos, check out our gallery.


Nine Layers Of Strength

Let’s think of a fiberglass pool shell as a huge sandwich. A sandwich is a composite, which basically means it’s made up of different materials. Each material is applied in layers with the goal of giving the entire sandwich maximum flavor.

Such is the case with a fiberglass pool, which is also a composite. It’s manufactured in multiple layers with each layer serving to maximize the strength and durability of the entire structure. In other words, our fiberglass pool is thought of as a sandwich of strength. Hence, we affectionately refer to our unique manufacturing methodology as our Composite Sandwich of Awesomeness. Here’s what we put in it:

1. Gel Coat                                                                  4. Second application of chopped fiberglass.               7. Honeycomb core.

2. 100% vinyl ester barrier coat.                              5. Hand-laid woven roving fiberglass.                            8. Fourth application of chopped fiberglass.

3. First application of chopped fiberglass.             6. Third application of chopped fiberglass.                   9. Fifth application of chopped fiberglass.

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